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Our First Kickstarter!

Salt and Sea Lace ♥︎ Mermaid Girlfriends   ♥︎ Adorable mermaid pins with a bonus short story! ♥︎ 1.5″ in height (38mm) Hard enamel Butterfly clutch Backing card Free WORLDWIDE SHIPPING In the same way that some toy dolls come with books, so do the badges – everyone who backs for at least $1 will receive a short story (all… Read more →

Become an Agent of the Lost

Become an Agent of the Lost Okay, so in the next book (The Importance of Imagination, Require: Cookie, 5.1) I need to create a small role for a new character for our Agency personnel to interact with while they’re working on the case. The Lost, for anyone who needs a reminder, are the fae Court of imaginary friends – they… Read more →