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April Fools – Fics by the authors specifically for April Fools.

By Multiple Authors.


The Savior – (Rated Not Safe For Brain) – The first fanfic we received for the series.

By AL13N


My Little Agency – With a title like this…what do you think it is? Crossover time with My Little Pony – is still intended to be a completed story, but on hiatus for now.

By Stormy


Black – Stormy Note: Unsolicited fanfic, my favourite! This short-and-dark noir piece comes from a forum vampire who would prefer to remain so at the moment.

By Unknown.


Alternate Reality Stef



Furry Me

By AL13N


Meet The Freaks – This was intended to be a semi-ongoing parody series starring a bunch of fun basement freaks, didn’t quite work out. Officially abandoned, though it’s short enough and contains a few lols.

By Stormy


Wibblemas 2009 – crowdsourced round robin Christmas Special, back when we still traded under “Wibbly Press”.

By Multiple


Stef Went Outside

There was a knock at the door. Jones put down the miniature he was painting, looked up, and smiled at Ryan. ‘Yes, Director? ‘Jones, I have a strange question to ask you.’ ‘You’re in the right place for strange, Director.’ ‘Stef has been going outside far more than usual lately. Volunteering for extra patrols, that kind of thing. I would-‘… Read more →

05 – Interrogation – Chapter 5

Curt studied the face of the agent – he’d always been good at reading people, and it was amazing to see all the expressions that crossed over the agent’s face in the space of ten seconds. Grief. Disbelief. Hope. Surrender. The agent sat at this small table, held the dead agent’s wallet to her chest for a moment, then placed… Read more →

04 – Interrogation – Chapter 4

Stef adjusted the water, and went through the perfunctory actions of washing herself, taking special care with the holes she’d ripped in her skin. She’d tried to escape – tried and failed – she’d had neither the strength, nor the leverage to break through the plastic cuffs, and attempts to slough off her skin and escape had met with her… Read more →

03 – Interrogation – Chapter 3

Curt walked through the halls of the base, trying to figure out if he hadn’t had enough sleep, or if he was literally seeing the world in a new light. Everything seemed to be…harsher, more real, like life at 60fps instead of standard definition. He walked through to the closest mess hall – for the people who were choosing to… Read more →

02 – Interrogation – Chapter 2

Stef opened her eyes. Everything was a blur. She squeezed her eyes closed, trying to put any part of her memory in order. There had been dinner. There had been an explosion. Solstice. Capture. Ryan- Ryan had- She whimpered, trying to keep control of herself. Ryan was- Ryan was in no position to help her. Ryan would never be able… Read more →

01 – Interrogation – Chapter 1

‘O’Connor.’ Curt looked up from his phone, and the picture of a scantily-clad redhead that he’d been staring at. ‘What?’ Mick smiled. ‘Don’t get me that attitude, Lieutenant, they just brought some agents in.’ Curt lifted his beer and took a sip. ‘So? That’s not my field of expertise.’ ‘Everyone else is busy. Move your arse.’ Curt sighed, stood, drained… Read more →

Not-So-Fantastic Voyage

This is a couple of days late; but Happy Birthday Shade!   Jones stood on the holodeck and stared at the half-constructed program. It was always so…gratifying to see it in this state, to see code flowing through half-formed trees like the Matrix had escaped into the real world. The visualization was an affectation, but it was one he adored… Read more →

Sydney Showdown

  “Newbie!” Reality slowly resolved around Stef, her fingers stopped their rhythm on the keyboard as with a series of pops and cracks she craned her neck around. “Curt, is it patrol time already? I was just… uh…. coding?” A quick alt-tab flipped up a compiler, random lines of code flicking into existence with a few strokes. “Stef, I’m the… Read more →