So for the last couple of months I’ve been percolating a new venture, and now’s about the time to tell you guys about it.

I’m starting a little business: Tiny Pig Design – and at launch, we’re starting with vinyl stickers and enamel pins – everything will be geeky, cute, or both!

If you take a peek over at our Facebook, you can see some of our initial designs – as well as a couple of our upcoming ones (like the sloths!) – the wifi one is one of my favourites. 😀

While on the FB page – feel free to add to the question of the month: What’s your favourite weird/cute animal? Some might become stickers in the future. 😀

Currently we have sloths, piggies and bunnies in the pipeline…though the latter two aren’t very weird. Someone did mention tardigrades recently, and you can bet we’re going to do them! (And if you don’t know what they are…read up and join the love!).

On a more business-y note, I’m probably going to be looking for some people to do initial reviews/product testing/pre-release geeking, so if you’re interested in discounted/free stuff, reply to this, and I’ll add you to my secret list of people.

This is the only announcement I’m going to be putting on the Cookie/Wibbly feed, so you don’t have to worry about piggies cluttering up the hackerspace. 😛 So join up with our new mailing list, and don’t forget to add your birthday, so Mr Bowtie can send you greetings. 🙂