Author: Stormy

03 – Falling Back into Line

September 23rd Mirrorfall His system connection locked back into place, and his HUD was flooded with messages. He minimised them all, except for one that flashed red. He maximised the window whilst taking in his surroundings. A half dozen chat messages from Jones requesting status updates. A video chat appeared and he opened the connection. [Jones?] Read more →

Um, oops…

So yeah, I really have no idea how to put this. I’m rewriting Mirrorheart. And you’re probably sitting there going “I know, I know”. Well, um, let me put it this way: I’m rewriting Mirrorheart, again. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved what I’ve done so far, and I am hoping to save the majority of it – both for… Read more →

01 – First Flight

Brisbane, 1905. ‘And she was the turtle all along!’ Ryan stared. ‘Sir?’ There was a look on his Director’s face. It matched certain facial profiles that he saw on Reynolds’ face throughout the day. A microsecond later, he deduced that Reynolds was expectant. He expected something of Ryan, though he was unsure what. Read more →


Stormy Note: Unsolicited fanfic, my favourite! This short-and-dark noir piece comes from a forum vampire who would prefer to remain so at the moment. Enjoy… A darkly sticky sweat fragrance lingered in the air; the smell of sweat and tears and sex. It’s a smell that only a private detective could know. She was leaning against the streetlight on the… Read more →