Author: Stormy

Announcement Time!

First Things First – Stormy On March 24, 2003, I published a Matrix fanfic. It had a hacker character. Now, I’d written this fanfic out of a kind of desperation, something to distract myself from how obsessed I was with Lord of the Rings. Heh. Wow. That kind of backfired spectacularly, and in the weirdest way. Fifteen years later, I’m… Read more →


On July 2nd (my birthday), we’re going to be dropping a pretty big announcement, so this is just a quick note to prime the pump and make sure everyone is still seeing some form of address from us (newsletter, Facebook or site updates). Stand by, this is going to be pretty fun. And yes, it means we’re coming back from… Read more →

The One who Didn’t Belong

Who is the person who doesn’t belong, in the room where previous Incarnations create the new Incarnation series? – the Leaking Pen   Ok, so there’s this. A short story, showing a very, very short peek into the inner workings of the world behind the Agency. Behind Central. Further up and back. Since the view with Cookie was always the… Read more →