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  1. Vincent
    August 31, 2016 at 10:21 am

    I had some downtime last week, and went off wandering Brisbane. I like to know the city, despite all the Agency things that make knowing the city completely optional.

    I was wandering along the Southbank area, and just happened to bump into a very tiny human. Well, she bumped into me. She was kinda sobbing, and not looking where she was going, and my leg was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I required a small doll like you’d get in a kid’s meal at a fast food place, and knelt down and asked if she was okay.

    Being a stranger, of course, she was a bit wary to talk to me, and less so with my very out of place accent. But after a bit of sitting in the shade and a bit of mumbling, she told me she lost her parents, which is what I had guessed, and I required a headset and asked my boss to drop by.

    Really, nobody’s a better dad-type than Agent Ryan. That guy could out-dad Arnold Schwarzenegger from that one movie that Stef hates people quoting.

    Put that cookie down!

    Yes, that one. Shut up and let me finish my story.

    Anyway, Ryan shows up, and I later found out that as soon as he saw us, he ran a search for her parents, and found out they were Solstice, all before I even saw him. But, being the man he is, he decided to let me return her to her parents. He required a cell phone, which had their home number in it for me to call.

    They answered, and I summoned all the Agent-voice I could muster.

    “Mr. Warren?”


    “My name is Vincent. I’ve found your daughter, lost in the area of Southbank.”

    “How did you get our number? She’s not old enough to-”

    “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

    His tone changed drastically at this point.

    “You’d be surprised what I believe, Vincent. Just don’t hurt my daughter.”

    “Why would I…? Oh.”

    I suddenly wished that Curt had made this phone call.

    “Look, you’re right. I’m Agency, although it’s my day off. All I’m interested in doing is the right thing and returning your daughter. The fact that I, of all people, found her was a complete coincidence. But it was a handy one, as I was able to use Agency resources to find you so that I could return her.”

    “I understand.”

    He gave me an address, which clearly wasn’t a residence, but I walked over to it with the three-year-old playfully squealing and holding my hand. I don’t know what Ryan said to her, but he’s really good with small kids, especially his own daughter, who is small and child-like, but highly respected in my line of work.

    Highly respected? Stef is completely insane, and you’re just worried she’ll out-crazy you one day.

    I told you to shut up.

    Anyway, we got to the address, which was a small park, and I pinged for any signs of Solstice activity, when the toddler started running toward someone, who my earpiece told me had some sort of blackout device in his pocket.

    I approached carefully, trying to appear like a normal businessman, rather than cannon fodder for a magical organization of angels.

    “Thank you.”

    “I just try to do the right thing. We can’t all be assholes.”

    “I had hoped that was the case. I didn’t want to…”

    “I know, and I would hope to not give you a reason to. That would end badly for everyone, especially her.”

    I waved at the girl. She giggled and waved back. Her father nodded slowly, and reached into his pocket. I made a requirement to make sure my gun was loaded. He produced a small metal ball with a button on the side.

    “I don’t think I’ll be needing this.”

    He tossed it, making sure I knew he hadn’t activated it, to my feet, and turned to leave. I picked it up and quickly pocketed it, then asked for a shift back home.

    That was a week ago. This morning, I was called down to the lobby because someone had told Natalie they had an appointment with me. I, of course, didn’t have any idea what the hell was going on, so I took a few precautions, but as soon as I stepped out of the elevator, a three-year-old assailed my leg and hugged it.

    • Goethe
      August 31, 2016 at 10:30 am


  2. Stef Mimosa
    September 1, 2016 at 3:58 pm

    Ryan: Adopt them.

    • Agent Ryan
      September 1, 2016 at 4:01 pm

      Young lady, I do not adopt every child I come across.

      • Vincent
        September 1, 2016 at 4:11 pm

        Yeah, sometimes Jonesy beats him to it.

        • Andrea Jones
          September 1, 2016 at 4:17 pm


          Guilty as charged.

  3. the leaking pen
    September 2, 2016 at 4:04 pm

    “Jeeeezus Foster. can we get this over with, or are you going to keep flirty with trees until one suddenly invites you to a Rose room?”

    Recruit Foster looked up from the willow he was admiring with a start. “What? I’m not…”

    “Yes Recruit, you are. Lets get the damn mail run done.” Jessica stalked along forward down the park path, half her mind on the surrounds, half her mind on her phone, waiting for the pokestop to turn blue again. “Mama needs some master balls.”

    “What?” Foster flounced after her, labcoat swinging around faded t shirt with a rainbow and prism motif. nope, not that one. not that one either.

    Jessica threw a hand up suddenly, stopping so fast that Foster slammed into her back, and bounced to the ground. “Do you hear that?” Foster strained his ears, then heard it. Sniffling, like a muffled crying.

    Jessica put her phone away and pulled a knife, stalking deeper into the underbrush off the trail. Foster trailed uncertainly behind her. After about twenty feet, the brush and vegetation opened into a small clearing, a girl, no more than ten, sitting in the center. She hugged her face into her body, crying quietly. Her leg was stretched out in front of her, the white ends of the compound fracture dry, blood crusted a dark red.

    Foster moved to rush to her, and Jessica snagged him by the collar, slamming him back into a tree. “The fuck?!”

    “SHHHH!” He clamped his mouth shut as she waved her dagger in front of his face, then leaned down and used it to outline a small yellow wire an inch off the ground. She then pointed to several depressions leading up to the girl where leaves had been hastily covered on top of something. Third she pointed at three spots on the trees around them. At one, he realized part of the trunk was painted to match, a container of some sort, but he didn’t see any thing wrong with the other two.

    Jessica made a snapping motion, and flipped her hand over. Require:Status . Her preset macro lit up small lights across her palm. She still had system connection, and no hostiles were detected nearby. She pointed the dagger briefly at Foster. “Stay.”

    Moving gingerly, she made her way towards the girl. She was halfway before the crying child realized she was no longer alone. She looked up with a gasp. Jessica stepped cautiously around the divots, and over a wide area next to them. “Shhh, its okay, I’m coming to get you. Just don’t move. Nod if you understand.”

    The girl watched with dark, wet eyes, and nodded slowly. “Good!” Jessica made her way to the girll, giving her a quick once over for other hidden traps. Finding none, she pulled a bandanna out of her pack and required a splint. “This is going to hurt, but I need to make sure that leg moves very little, so it doesn’t hurt more.” One splint later, and the girl was in Jessica’s arms, face buried into Jessica’s shoulder. Jessica made another snap, touching the child, then snapping and pointing at the ground. Require: Clone.

    A plastic flesh duplicate of the little girl sprawled out over the spot she had been a moment before. Identical down to the clothes and the wound, it appeared an exact copy, but clearly not real after no more than a few seconds consideration. She made her way gingerly back to the waiting Foster.

    She tapped her earpiece. “Jason”

    “Yeah, i’ve been watching, Jonesy and double P are on standby. ”

    “Good, ask Jonesy to put a bird or two in the air, and let me know personally when the hunter returns. ”

    “Hunter?” Jessica looked over at her tech companion. “Not now Foster.” She knelt down. Require:Bowling ball of doom. A large bowling bowl with a skull embedded in it appeared. She aimed it towards the furthest divot, and swung some wheels inside the finger holes.

    “Cmon, lets go. Now little one, you’re being really brave so far, just a little while longer and we’ll get you to someone who will make it stop hurting. But this march is going to hurt. Okay?” The girl nodded, and Jessica took off at a quick pace, Foster hard pressed to keep up despite not carying a kid. Two minutes later, a loud snapping sound and dull boom reached them from the direction of the field. Jessica flipped her hand and looked at the lights. “Good, if there’s a blackout we’re out of range. Now Jason.”

    Foster felt his world break down and reform as he appeared inside a small office. Looking out the window, he recognized the Agency building across the street. “Why not IN the building?”

    Aides O’conner and Magnolia answered his quiet question as they stepped up to the trio. Foster jumped at their appearence, as they quickly swept the girl with several devices. “In case she’s a trap.” Said O’Connor. Something beeped, and Magnolia plucked a small pin from the girl’s jacket. “Which she is.” The aide finished.

    Part one of two. two tommorow.

    • John
      September 5, 2016 at 3:43 am

      Eagerly awaiting part two.

      • Lightdefender
        September 5, 2016 at 10:46 am


    • the leaking pen
      September 7, 2016 at 3:41 pm

      Further scans came up clean, and another shift found them in Medical. The child was taken to a bed, and the Parkers went to work in a blur. Scans were taken, shots administered, while Foster kept repeating his last question. Jessica, holding the little girl’s hand while the doctors worked, hissed at him. “Not now Foster, give us a few, eh?”

      The shorter Parker spread a curtain at the girl’s waist, preventing her and Jessica from seeing the leg. From the glassy eyed look in the girl’s eyes, Jessica knew she wasn’t feeling it, thankfully. The taller Parker came around for a moment, looking at Jessica.

      “Decent field splint, Recruit. Good carry as well, you didn’t make the break any worse that we can tell. She’s got about three minutes of consciousness left for the next couple hours, so if you have any questions, now’s the time.”

      Jessica nodded and leaned down to the girl whose hand she still held. “You’ve been very brave! Thank you. My name is Jessica, what’s yours?”

      “Kimmie. Thank you for not eating me Jessica!”

      Parker chewed on his lip a moment, fighting back a giggle while pretending to read her chart. “Honey, why would I eat you?”

      “That’s why I was there. Mr. Johnstone said that the monster that ate my brother would come for me, and try to eat me, but the traps would stop him. But you came right through the traps. You… you didn’t eat y brother, did you Jessica?”

      “No! Do I look like a monster?”

      Kimmie shook her head no, a serious expression on her face. “Mr. Johnstone says the worst monsters don’t. They look human until they open their wide mouths to eat you. Weres and Nymphs, and…. ”

      Jessica rubbed her hand gently. “Yes Kimmie? And?”

      Kimmie leaned over and whispered to Jessica. “And the worst monsters. The AGENTS.”

      Jessica nodded solemnly. “Don’t worry, i won’t let any monsters hurt you again. It’s time to sleep now Kimmie. The doctors here are going to fix your leg.”

      “Thats… aaahhhhh. Thats nice of them.” Kimmie yawned big and wide, and in a moment was asleep.

      “That seemed a waste recruit. Why not ask somthing like her address or phone number or parent’s name?” Parker, the taller one this time, was watching Jessica intently.

      “Why? you sent jones a scan, he’s already found all that out, I’m sure. ”

      Jessica pulled her hand slowly out of Kimmies. A voice crackled in her ear. “Recruit Jessica, theeeeir HEEERE.”

      Jessica smiled at Foster, and a quick requirement had a large sniper rifle in her hands. “Time for the hunter to become the prey. ”

      Part three when im not falling asleep.

    • the leaking pen
      September 10, 2016 at 1:26 pm

      Jessica checked her gear, then tapped her earpiece. “Ready to shift.” The world scrambled then came back and the pair stood by a large tree.

      “Wait, why am I flurfle”

      Foster was cut off as Jessica shoved a finger against his lips. She handed him a pair of binoculars and pointed, then pushed him towards the ground. He dropped into a crouch and looked in the indicated direction as Jessica vanished, slithering up the tree with rifle strapped across her back, the end of the barrel strapped to her wrist. It reduced her range of motion with her left hand, but kept the firearm from snagging on branches.

      As he gazed into the binoculars, he saw the clearing they had found the girl in, much easier to see into as several of the traps had detonated, tearing through the underbrush in the path the ball had rolled. Several of the divots on the other end of the clearing still seemed in place, and with the magnification, Foster thought he saw one more of the painted panels on a tree. The doll lay a few feet from where Jessica had left it, thrown by an explosion, perhaps. Foster kept watching, and was finally rewarded by a head poking through the underbrush, looking at the scene.

      The man peeking in took a step over something, a tripwire perhaps, and crouched to go under something that wasn’t there. A quick spin of the dial to bring up different spectrums, and Foster could see bright red spots that suggested infrared laser beams. The man reached into a tree, opening a panel Foster hadn’t seen, and flipped a switch. The red lights vanished and Foster spun back to normal light, zooming in. The figure stalked into the clearing, and peering out from under short sleeves, Foster could see tattoos that looked familiar, out of a book. Kill or capture tallies, each one for a different fae he had taken…

      The man called out and waved, and another man, this on shorter and leaner, slid into the clearing behind him. The pair examined the “body”, but seconds later the leader kicked it, his mouth a blur of obvious cursing and yelling. After a moment, he pointed in the direction of the damage from the bowling ball. The second man walked over and looked at the ground past it. He bent down, examining the detritus covered earth outside the range of the destruction, and turned and said something to the leader. The leader replied, and pulled out a phone. The second man began walking away, watching the ground. It took Foster a moment to realize that he must be following the tracks he and Jessica had left before being far enough away to shift.

      His earpiece crackled to life and he heard Jonesy. “Quigs, we have positive identification. The man still in the clearing is Boris Johnstone. He’s a leader of a local solstice cell. We’ve been looking for him for a while. The tracker is high up in the organization as well. Bastard hunts Fae for the challenge, like some kind of Solstice Kraven the hunter. He’s got at least twenty known kidnappings to his name. We’ve never found more than a couple of pieces of his victims. You have a green light. I repeat, you have a green light for both.”

      Green light? For wh… as Foster wondered about the order from Jones, the tracker stop and turned around a few times where they had been Shifted out. He stood up and cupped his hands together to shout. They never made it to his lips, as his head exploded in a red mist, the tree behind him suddenly spray painted crimson and white. The body wobbled back and forth a few times before nerves released and it dropped to the ground. Oh. Green light. He hadn’t heard a sound from the rifle, and there wasn’t a supressor on it. Foster determined to ask Jessica about it, later.

      He quickly trained his binoculars back towards the clearing. Johnstone was still crouching over the doll, talking on his phone. He ended the call, and started to put his phone away. The phone, as well as the hand holding it, evaporated into splinters. Johnstone screamed in pain, the sound reaching Foster a moment later, and he turned to run from the clearing. Another round caught the knee nearest them, shearing his lower leg off completely, and slammed into the opposite leg’s shin, shattering bone. Johnstone hit the ground with a thud, right on top of one of the divots. Foster winced, expecting an explosion. The wounded man quivered and tried to move, shock obviously setting in. Foster fought to avoid turning away and throwing up.

      With a thud, the panel in the tree that Johnstone had manipulated crumpled inwards. There was a hum, a crackle, a flash, and all the divots exploded at once. As limbs and blood sprayed into the air, Foster lost the hold on his lunch, and dropped the binoculars as he learned the hard way that Famous Fry’s did NOT taste as good coming back up.

      part four , hopefully final part, tommorow.

  4. Stormy
    September 5, 2016 at 10:19 pm

    Sniffling, like a muffled crying.

    Jessica put her phone away and pulled a knife

    Yep. Completely proportional response.

  5. Stormy
    September 5, 2016 at 10:22 pm

    A large bowling bowl with a skull embedded in it appeared.

    And…I’m off to watch Mystery Men.

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