James and the Fae (2)

Impact on his life? He is one of an exclusive number of humans to be a fully-qualified Court of Kings lawyer, and given the maddening complexities of fae law, this is an achievement to be appreciated, even if he himself is a bastard of unequalled measure.

The Court of Kings is the ultimate court (heh.) of appeal when it comes to fae law – as there are incalculable inconsistencies, and laws on the books that should have been removed centuries ago – traditions that conflict with more modern styles of thinking, and laws that simply can’t be applied equally across the fae races.

So anyone who has the stamp of approval from the Kings is someone in high demand. He’s someone who can name his hourly price, and will have people pay whatever he asks.

He had mostly tried to lead a “human” life, leaving fae business behind at the end of the working day – this being especially true whilst his wife was still alive. After Charlotte died, however, he has moved deeper and deeper into Faerie, now working exclusively for fae clients.

A primary of which is the Magpies – for which he is the primary legal counsel. And more than occasional sounding board for Magpie – subtle reminder here that I mean Mags’ mum. 😛

Fun Fact 1: Magpie did ask him to be the father of her human child. He thought about it, but declined – so in some alt-universe, Mags and Stef are sisters.

Fun Fact 2 [Grab your pitchforks]: When Charlotte died, and he went to the hospital to see her body, he invoked Death and demanded (yeah, demanded) that she trade Charlotte for Stef. Death, naturally, told him it did’t work that way.

And then may have brought Alexandria to Stef’s bedside.

James and the Fae (1)
The One who Didn't Belong

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