Our First Kickstarter!

Salt and Sea Lace ♥︎ Mermaid Girlfriends   ♥︎ Adorable mermaid pins with a bonus short story! ♥︎ 1.5″ in height (38mm) Hard enamel Butterfly clutch Backing card Free WORLDWIDE SHIPPING In the same way that some toy dolls come with books, so do the badges – everyone who backs for at least $1 will receive a short story (all… Read more →


The Importance of Imagination – 06

Ryan was careful to ignore the looks of some of his recruits as the pirate followed him back to his office. The stares weren’t impolite, just…incredulous. The sight was strange, to be sure, but in the Agency, strange sights were to be expected. Hook, for his part, said nothing to exacerbate the situation – he made no flourishes with his… Read more →