Chapter 57

Stef stared at Milla’s back, smiling as her HUD calculated the distances and angles between all of the freckles there. There was beauty to be had in a world that could be covered in tooltips at a thought. You always knew how warm it was outside, how far it was across your office, or how to perfectly turn your hand… Read more →

Copy of Texts Between Agents

Become an Agent of the Lost

Become an Agent of the Lost Okay, so in the next book (The Importance of Imagination, Require: Cookie, 5.1) I need to create a small role for a new character for our Agency personnel to interact with while they’re working on the case. The Lost, for anyone who needs a reminder, are the fae Court of imaginary friends – they… Read more →


Chapter 56

Stef followed Milla through the Hyde agency, through the familiar parts that she’d been seeing since shifting in, and into halls she’d never set foot in, but were still somehow familiar, thanks to the cookie-cutter nature of agencies. Recruit dorm hallways apparently always looked like recruit dorm hallways. Milla required her room’s door open, and they walked inside. Compared to… Read more →

Copy of Texts Between Agents

Cameo Competition Ideas

I want to do a competition for a reader to star in a minor role (one chapter, probably won’t reoccur) – but it’s a bit more meaty than the other cameos I’ve done, so I want to do something special… What kind of hoops would you people be willing to jump through in order to be one of the Agency’s… Read more →


Chapter 55

The credits started to roll. ‘Another?’ Stef asked Milla’s hair. ‘Yarp,’ she replied. Milla slowly sat up, shook herself, and stood to change the DVD – it was still so strange to be using physical media – habit she’d ditched, even long before joining the Agency. The idea that you were reliant on a laser to read a circle of… Read more →

Stef Bust

Stef Went Outside

There was a knock at the door. Jones put down the miniature he was painting, looked up, and smiled at Ryan. ‘Yes, Director? ‘Jones, I have a strange question to ask you.’ ‘You’re in the right place for strange, Director.’ ‘Stef has been going outside far more than usual lately. Volunteering for extra patrols, that kind of thing. I would-‘… Read more →